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Your enquiry is on its way to my inbox, and I can’t wait to start planning your amazing wedding / elopement with you! While you’re waiting for me to get back to you (which won’t take too long, I promise), why don’t you put the kettle on and start getting excited about all the awesome plans you’re going to make? And if you’re feeling extra proactive, why not take a look at my FREE WEDDING / ELOPEMENT PHOTOGRAPHY GUIDE for some inspiration and ideas? Just make sure to check your spam box if you don’t hear from me right away – I don’t want to miss out on any amazing opportunities to capture your special day!

Wedding Photography Guide
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How to kick back and enjoy your wedding day!


Only invite the people you like / know / see!
Might sound obvious but this should be a celebration for the people who mean something to you, who know you and who aren’t just there for the free prosecco! Cousin Patrick who you haven’t seen since you were 15 and his new girlfriend? Off the list!


Make sure you feel like you
Your hair and makeup should make you feel confident and awesome, not uncomfortable and cakey (Also, you don’t need more makeup for photos, your own face is fine!)


Don’t do anything you don’t want to do!
Tradition is lovely for those who are traditional – Don’t want to be ‘given away’, have a first dance or cut the cake? Then don’t do it, plan a day that reflects everything you are as a couple and start some new traditions!


Don’t stress about the dress! 
It will get dirty, if you spend the day worrying about it then you aren’t enjoying yourself!


Think about the light
So this one is more for my benefit but if you’re having a late ceremony or maybe an autumn/winter wedding then plan your ceremony time so I aren’t doing your portraits and group shots in the dark. You could also do the first look and families photoshoot before the Ceremony.


Unplugged Ceremony
Basically this is where you tell your guests to put their cameras and phones away until after the wedding ceremony; so many of my lovely photographer friends have had the first kiss shot or the walking up the aisle shot ruined by a guest with a phone jumping in the way… Don’t regret not capturing these moments!