I have an awesome job. I even think it’s the best job in the world. I’m a destination wedding photographer and it makes me very happy doing things for living that I enjoy. It is an amazing adventure. I’ve been able to document my clients’ weddings all over the world, and all the beautiful stories that have yet been told. I hope I get to document your story someday!


I love shooting Neutral, Contrast, Lifestyle, Fun and Creative.

Hello, First of all, my name is Johnny, I am a professional photographer who specialises in natural light photography. My most brilliant works are wedding and couple shoots focusing on natural and creative settings. I am very passionate about results and about making my clients happy and comfortable throughout the shoot.

I'm a father of one very active little boy named Aaron, who is 8. At last count, I have over 27K photos of Aaron. My true passion is my son, Aaron and my wife, Claire.

Elephant Shoe to you both!


What drives me to create amazing natural images is my family. I am most passionate about my family, Claire and Aaron. They drive me to find the best in every shoot and to focus on what could make my job better in every way.

see video below of Aaron.


Apart from my daily work as a photographer, I am a simple guy who loves spending time at home. I enjoy the simple things in life such as forest or hill walking, picnics in a scenic location, good company and a few laughs.

When I think about what my perfect evening would look like, I would simply answer that a turf fire, a Guinness and being surrounded by the family would make my day. From Thurs to Sundays I am very busy working with clients in different locations but during weeks and some free weekends I like to spend time with my son Aaron and of course staying fit doing Crossfit training.


Natural photography is seeking the most natural and relaxed angle in human interactions. It is all about appreciating the lighter side of life, the simple things that make huge things perfect.


I get my inspiration from my usual interaction with family and clients. I use my love of life, the love of all things simple such as a late cooked breakfast, long walks, spicy chicken wings for dinner and a good joke. For me, a deep tissue back massage followed by a swim and sauna are real luxuries!



I love to focus on my clients, who you are, what they feel and the amazing energy that emits from within. I love to socialize and am a self-confessed people-person. I have a core group of lifelong friends since childhood days that support and care for each other.


I love my family. I am a loving husband and father. I am morally grounded in an honest and trustworthy nature. I value every single moment with friends and family.


I dislike making mistakes and every day, I strive to be better in my career and work and of course strive to be a better and more loving father and partner each and every day.


Aside from photography, I also excel in freehand drawing and graphic design. I enjoy achieving the right look and feel of things that look old and have been given new life. I love getting things right the first time but do my best if I don't.

Overall, I am relaxed, fun, friendly and happy which is why I am able to capture the essence of every project, for every client. My natural and fun approach to life makes my work dramatic and extraordinarily perfect.


I used to borrow a film camera from my Uncle in my teens some Summer, then all was forgotten for a good few years since I was focus on doing Graphic Design work. but then I was not comfortable where I wanted to be.

I was made to be a creative mind.

so I saw an ad for a photography course at Roslyn Park College and knew I had to apply. It turned out I got the last seat in the course and started a few days later. I studied for a year and received a FETAC Level 5 certificate and to gain more experience, I continued on in the college using their equipment so I could further my skills with the lighting and to do some studio time. It was only a few weeks after I had started college that I got a knock on the door of my brother's friend, Karen. She asked me if I would take her wedding photographs. Despite my nerves, the wedding went very well and the bride was delighted with her photographs.

So too were her friends in the years that followed, I've photographed the weddings of five of them. The confidence that comes from seeing a bride and groom so enjoy the photographs I produced that day spurned me oneI knew this was what I was meant to do. While I love weddings I also do portrait work and digital manipulations there's always something to challenge me and I never back down from a challenge!) And after almost 12 years of photographing the most important day in people's lives.


I used to play badminton and have represented Ireland in the Deaf European Championships and Deaflympic Games several times over the past 20 years. In 2014, I retired from badminton and was looking to try something new. My wife, Claire goes to Crossfit West Dublin in Celbridge so I decided to join up too. I'm loving it and am at it since 2015.


I also love watching comedy films / TV, spending time with my family, crazy about popcorns, coffee, green tea, watercolour painting, adventure, Irish indie music, being creative, doing new things and play the 80's games!


I'm now teaching deaf photographers workshop all over Ireland. (Here's one of the workshop in Belfast, click here


I LOVE shooting outdoors playing with shadow and light. I want people to be relaxed, fun, sense of humour, open, and be more natural. I don't want anyone to worry about posing or putting fake smiles in front of me, just be yourself as I will be there as a professional photographer to capture you at your best. I like to keep things as natural as possible. To get a better idea of my wedding shooting style, check out the wedding.


Being a wedding photographer is a big responsibility. It comes with a sense of expectation on the part of the bride and groom who want the biggest day of their lives to be captured in a professional manner and to reflect the joy and expectation that they feel at the start of their marriage. It is a responsibility that I take very seriously. I believe the secret to a harmonious relationship with bride and groom is to be organized and prepared.

I always visit the venue before the wedding day so I have ideas for what pictures I can get, where to get the group shots, or what to do if the weather is good or bad.


When I meet the bride and groom before the day, I get an idea of what they want. On the day itself, it is often the wedding party or the families that can be difficult to get together so I rely on the best man or the matron-of-honour to do the running about. Once I have everyone together I can get the shots I need. My style is not only on the formal wedding shots which are the staple of any wedding album, but also the relaxed, informal pre-wedding shoot where the subtle detail and the happy atmosphere are often best captured.