What a fab day out in The Curragh in Co. Kildare, Just a perfect day for the Pre-wedding shoot. Looking forward to capturing their big day in few weeks time at The Set Theatre in Kilkenny!

Why do a Pre Wedding shoot?….. When I show up at your wedding that morning, I want you to feel like we know each other. I want you to be as relaxed as you can be on one of the greatest days of your life! That way, I can blend in seamlessly on the day. Whether it be through Facebook, Instagram or email, feel free to follow me and keep in contact up to and after the big day! I love hearing what our couples are up to. Plus it gives me a good perspective on how you guys are and help in how I capture you both on the day….. and that’s why I like to do a pre-wedding shoot.

Stephanie + Colm 1Stephanie + Colm 2Stephanie + Colm 3Stephanie + Colm 4Stephanie + Colm 5Stephanie + Colm 6Stephanie + Colm 7Stephanie + Colm 8Stephanie + Colm 9Stephanie + Colm 10Stephanie + Colm 11Stephanie + Colm 12Stephanie + Colm 13Stephanie + Colm 14Stephanie + Colm 15Stephanie + Colm 16Stephanie + Colm 17Stephanie + Colm 18Stephanie + Colm 19Stephanie + Colm 20Stephanie + Colm 21Stephanie + Colm 22
Stephanie + Colm 23