Sarah and Paul’s Love Story Continues with a Post-Wedding Photo Shoot: A Look Back at Their Special Day in Mullingar and the Importance of Capturing Memories


On December 22nd of last year, Sarah and Paul were engaged, and they decided that they would get married in Mullingar, Ireland, and hold a small wedding ceremony in the beautiful Irish town of Mullingar. Even though the weather was gloomy and rainy on the day of the wedding, it turned out to be a fantastic day. Because they were so wrapped up in each other and their love, they didn’t end up getting many photos of themselves that are both formal and candid because they were so engrossed in each other.

As a way of celebrating their first anniversary, they decided to have a post-wedding photo shoot. They wanted to wear their wedding attire again and take some more photos, this time just of the two of them.

This is when they came across the website of Johnny Corcoran and the “post-wedding shoot” section of his website.

They decided to have the shoot at Belvedere House in Mullingar, just three days before Christmas. They braved the freezing cold to shoot for two hours. As a special touch, Johnny provides hand warmers for the couple to stay warm during the shoot. Keeping things interesting means moving around constantly and making sure no red noses show up in the photos. Despite the cold weather, it was a great day and they were able to capture more memories of their special day.

Post-wedding shoots are a great idea for couples who want to capture more memories of their special day without worrying about getting dirty or disheveled on their actual wedding day. The Irish landscape offers beautiful scenery for post-wedding shoots, and it can be a great way to capture the natural beauty of the area. If you’re interested in learning more about post-wedding shoots, check out the link for more information-



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