Outdoor Greystones Wedding ceremony with Sab and Dave, What a Happy Pear!


I absolutely love wedding receptions that are held in back gardens! When Sab emailed me and told me about their plans, I was really excited.

Before the big day itself, I travelled to Greystones to meet Sab and Dave, who showed me around their backyard and told me all about their plans for their big day. We also walked up to Bray head to see their favourite spots. The views were gorgeous and I was looking forward to shooting the wedding.

On their wedding day, I arrived at the house on the morning of the wedding and when I walked into their garden, I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was. Sab’s Dad did most of the garden decorating work, and he did it brilliantly. It was a jaw-dropping transformation. Getting those pre-wedding shots with Sab I try to fit into the background and try to get the natural photos of those moments quickly. I followed up by taking photos of the garden, a vintage bike, a signboard, and drinks in an old bath full of ices. And of course the dress, and jewellery.

Once it was time to ready for them to get dressed ready for their first look before the ceremony, I went up to Dave’s room, where Dave’s daughters were there to help Dave get dressed. Dave looked great in a black suit with a red and purple dickie bow. 

Then I went back down to Sab to take more photographs as she was getting her dress on, as her mom was there to assist. I love these moments between daughter and mom. She wore a beautiful floor-length wedding gown.

Then we went outside to a pretty pathway on the side of the house with blossoms and a wall, which was an ideal place for them to see each other for the first time. Dave was waiting at the pathway looking nervous and looking forward to seeing Sab and her dress. He turned away before Sab walked up to him, walking up to him behind, and gently tapping on his shoulder. His smile was contagious as he turned to face Sab. This was a precious moment for them both. This is why I love to shoot the first look.

Immediately after the first look, we headed to Bray Head where, as Sab and Dave mentioned during our first meeting, the weather was hot and the sky was full of blue and I was able to take some really nice photos and it was really relaxing without too many people around.

During the outdoor ceremony in Greystones, surrounded by their closest friends and family, the happy couple said ‘I do’. It was a perfect day for an outdoor ceremony, under a beautiful archway.

After the Ceremony, all of them enjoyed some tasty vegetarian meals, including vegan tiramisu, cupcakes, and an awesome vegan cake that was inspired by The Happy Pear of course.

This is one of the most elegant weddings I have ever photographed in a back garden. The family and friends are all wonderful to chat with. Kids loved it when I did some floaty tricks, played some Connect 4, Tin Can Alley, and water bottle flip challenges (I enjoyed it too ).

Look forward to visiting “The Happy Pear” shop in Greystones when I get the chance!