Wear your wedding dress one more time - don't confine it to the top of the wardrobe!


You’re married (or getting married very soon) – congrats! But what happens to that beautiful dress you spent a year searching for and a month’s wages on? If you’re like my wife when we got married, it’ll be gathering dust in the wardrobe.

I know you’re probably tempted to re-create that Friends episode where all the girls sat around in wedding dresses just so you can get another wear out of it, but honestly – the postman will think you’re a bit weird and start leaving “you weren’t home” cards rather than knocking on your door in future.

You don’t need to scare your postie just to get more leverage out of your wedding dress. You can come with me for a post-wedding photoshoot, and get more wedding photos! 

This isn’t just for brides. You can both come out and frolic in the meadows, scale a mountain, dip in the sea – whatever you couldn’t do in your outfits on your wedding day because you’d come back to the party filthy and have to answer to your mum.

Getting more use out of your wedding outfits is just one reason a post-wedding shoot is a great idea. But it also means you can…

spend your wedding day having a wedding, not posing for the photos

Spend your wedding day chatting to your friends and family, eating the yummy food and enjoying the wedding day you planned for so long and poured so much energy (and pay-checks) into. You don’t need to take an hour out of that precious day to be doing photos with me – we can do that once everyone’s gone home, lost their favours and finally remembered that slice of wedding cake at the back of their fridge.

boost your wedding album with epic locations

Maybe you got married at a hotel in town and there wasn’t a mountain in sight, but your Pinterest is full of dreamy mountainscapes. Or maybe your venue was rural but you want gritty urban wedding photos. You can’t have two weddings (ok, some people do but it’s pricey!) but you can still get those epic locations in the wedding album with a post-wedding shoot. Now’s the time to launch that Pinterest board and put yourself on it! It’s almost like having a second wedding day (without the stress, expensive venue or aunt Mildred asking when you’re going to have babies).

elope in ireland

get dirty - finally

You spent all of your wedding days leaning forward so you wouldn’t spill wine on your dress, and your bridesmaids kept on brushing the back of your dress to remove rogue leaves and dust. Those days are over! Wear your beautiful dress and be footloose and fancy-free! It doesn’t matter if it gets wet, muddy or grass-stained – those are little stories of your wedding, without the worry that a dirty dress will ruin the mantlepiece photos.

how it works

Your post-wedding photoshoot can take place the day after your wedding, or we can go out the next week, or even months later. You can even add the photos to your wedding album and pretend they were taken on the actual day.

You can book your post-wedding shoot before your wedding or anytime after. 


post-wedding shoot packages include:

+ Travel to anywhere in Ireland
+ A knowledgeable planning buddy (me!)
+ 2 or 4 hours photoshoot
+ 80+ photos via downloadable online gallery
+ Post-Wedding Shoot package prices range from €700 to €1200.

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