If you're looking for a wedding videographer I would recommanded from the list of recommended photographers.

Many of my brides and grooms ask me for advice on booking a wedding videographer. I think it's very important to book a videographer from your photographer's recommended list.


Because I've been a wedding photographer for so long, I've built some great relationships with some of the best videographers around. I have more than 10 videographers on my recommended list that fit any budget.

It's not easy choosing the perfect wedding videographer, so I've compiled a list of recommended videographers so the couple can pick the best one to be part of their day, and I know they'll do a great job.

From the photographer's recommended list, pick a videographer.


The Morning of the wedding.

I've seen some videographers take over the bride's morning! Instead of letting the morning unfold naturally, the videographer staged, staged, and directed each shot. That wasn't what the bride wanted for her morning and she was disappointed. Would you want that?! Make it nautical and simple so you can enjoy the morning of the wedding

Maybe it's abit silly?

I've also seen a videographer ask the bride to pretend to run away from the house and hold onto a gate while the bridesmaids lift her back up. What do you think?

Photographer + Videography

It's super important for the photographer and videographer to work together. Each of them needs to think about the other, so they can do their best work.

There have been times when I've had to deal with videographers who didn't care about my work or the bride and groom's photos.

They have stood in front of my camera and I didn't get the pictures I wanted. When we are trying to capture you in small rooms or at key moments, the fact that you are comfortable is so important.

I recommend videographers that are flexible, and that consider what I need to do my job - and they do the same for me!!!

Now Or Never!

It's hard to repeat some things in life. Wouldn't it be awesome if the videographer walked up the aisle in front of you and your dad? If I told you that I couldn't get a photo of this amazing moment because the videographer was in the way, how would you feel?
You, your father and your beautiful dress are always on my mind when I'm at the altar, so I shoot from afar. I love that moment. In the past, I have had this moment spoiled because the videographer was in my way and I couldn't get him to move.

It's also a very important moment to walk out of the church together as a married couple. In so many weddings, the videographer takes up the whole space meant for the bride and groom. I need to take a picture of this special moment in your day, but he doesn't think about me.

If we don't work together, you'll miss some moments that you can't re-capture. Again, it's two-way, so we have to team up!!


It's a big risk to choose a videographer and a photographer who have different styles in how they work. That's essentially two shoots at once, and this is a disaster waiting to happen. It'll even take twice as long to pose. Whenever the videographer needs more time with you, you have less time to enjoy your big day with your family and friends.

I recommend videographers who can work seamlessly with me. They're a great addition to the shoot when we're taking pictures of the bride and groom. I like what they do and think the shots are better.

It’s Your Day!

Whoever shoots your video is up to you. The only thing I can recommend is to get the best shots and video you can. I want you to enjoy having your pictures taken, so I try to make it as easy as possible.

Talk to your photographer

Talk to Your Photographer, or talk to Your Videographer, they can help you ...
When you have two people working on your wedding (a videographer and a photographer), make sure they have a similar style.

You can make it hard for both if you have a "fly on the wall" videographer and a very traditional photographer.

With my own recommended Here's my top 6 wedding videographers, I'm guaranteed to get the best shots on your wedding day.

My recommended list is only for my clients so I'll only share it with them, so best if you ask your photographer or videographer for recommendations.

Here's my recommended list
Videographers I have on my recommended list