‘Together, whatever the weather.’

Killiney Hill and Dalkey Hill form part of Killiney Hill Park, a small public park overlooking both Dalkey and Killiney villages.
The Park was dedicated to public use in 1887 by Prince Albert Victor of Wales, in memory of Queen Victoria’s Jubilee, and called Victoria Hill. Crowned by an obelisk, the hill is 153 metres high.

Killiney Hill is a popular destination for walkers and hikers availing of the spectacular views, over the surrounding areas: Dublin to the Northwest, the Irish Sea and the mountains of Wales (on a clear day) to the East and Southeast, and Bray Head and the Wicklow Mountains to the South.

The Park has a playground, a pyramid structure (perfect for selfies) and a tea room.
The pyramid on Killiney Hill is very close to the obelisk, but a little hidden behind gorse hedges. Built in 1852 by Robert Warren, the locals refer to the pyramid as the “Wishing Stone”. According to legend, a wish comes true when one circles all levels of the pyramid, climbs the uppermost pinnacle and makes a wish while looking towards St. Begnet’s Oratory on Dalkey Island.

The Hill is a 16-minute walk from Killiney DART station.

It was a bright but cold day in Killiney Hill, Dublin with Caragh and Declan last February 2018 but it’s perfect for a photographer to capture on a cloudy day so got through the shoot dry but as we were finishing up and heading back to the car it started lashing…..typical Irish weather!!

I love Killiney Hill as a location for this type of photoshoot.

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Johnny Corcoran Photography Killiney HillJohnny Corcoran Photography Killiney HillJohnny Corcoran Photography Killiney Hill

Killiney hillPre wedding at Killiney hill Dublin