They had an intimate wedding/elopement in February with more than 20 people. Their relationship has been going on for ten years and they don’t like the traditional wedding idea, so they want to do something small and different. Patrick is religious, so they had a church wedding, and Maria is into forests, nature, and the outdoors, so they made a vow in the church, had a pagen ceremony in the forest, and got married on a turntable in the forest.

The Bective Abbey was halfway between the Church and the Venue. There are some beautiful ruins there. By Murchad O’Maeil-Sheachlainn, King of Meath, Bective Abbey was founded in 1147 for the Cistercian Order. ‘Daughter house’ to nearby Old Mellifont Abbey, it was Ireland’s second Cistercian abbey. In their restrained buildings, the Order aimed to recapture the simplicity of monastic life.