Romantic and film-like wedding and elopement photography in Ireland,
perfect for adventurous and outdoorsy couples

Hi there! I’m Johnny and I’m a wedding and elopement photographer in Ireland. My style is natural and beautiful – nothing fussy, nothing formal. Just you two, your love and your sense of adventure. And my camera capturing it all.

I like to think of my wedding photography as art – something you will treasure and hang on the wall in a beautiful frame. I love shooting creatively and playing with shadow and light. My work has a film-like feel, and my couples book me for my romantic portraits (and my laid-back but adventurous nature!).

My couples always say how relaxed I make them feel on their wedding day. I don’t ask for fake smiles or awkward posing – just that you be in the moment.

Being a newlywed I can completely understand the craziness of wedding planning. This is probably why I love weddings and elopements so much – they’re all about the simple act of getting married to your best friend, sometimes with a few favourite people there as witnesses.
And that’s all.

I love nature, the outdoors and the simplicity of elopement. To be honest, any excuse to get outdoors and have an adventure I’m there! So if your idea of a perfect wedding day involves pulling on some comfy boots and running through a field hand in hand while whooping that you just got married,  then I might just be the adventure-loving photographer for you.


Irish Wedding and Elopement photographer in Ireland

What's this elephant and shoe all about?

“Elephant Shoe” is a phrase I have always loved because when you lip read someone saying this you see “I love you”. While it is unlikely that you would use the phrase “elephant shoe” in a real conversation it does highlight that sometimes things do get lost in translation.

Elephant Shoe is a cute fun way of saying “I love you”. Try it out today without using your voice!


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Noride + Ravi

Johnny really cares about his work. Hes also a relaxed and funny guy,and incredibly talented. So many friends and family told us they thoughthe was an old friend of ours; a testament to Johnnys relaxed, good-humoured nature.